Steamist Steam Shower

Add a steam shower to your home and improve your physical and mental well being!

Why have a Steam Shower?

Steamist steam showers are great after a hard day at work or after a workout to help relieve stress, but also does so much more, such as:

  •  The warm steam opens up the pores on the skin
  •  Helps the body rid itself of toxins
  • Increases blood circulation, which can help ease any bodily pain
  • Enhances collagen production, which slows the aging process
  • Relieves symptoms caused by allergies, arthritis, asthma, and other respiratory and circulatory ailments
  • Relaxes the muscles in the body


How does it work?

Steamist steam showers are a very simple system that is installed in your shower area; it is very noninvasive, with only a small box attached near the floor that dispenses the steam, and a touchpad to control the steam temperature, output, duration, and the elements of the Steamist Total Sense Package, which will be discussed below.

Steamist Total Sense Package

The Steamist steam shower seeks to heal your body and mind with much more than just steam; by engaging your other senses, Steamist has turned your shower area into an oasis of relaxation.  The Steamist Aromasense system allows the user to inject the essence of fragrant oils into the steam, which can help alleviate respiratory problems.  The Steamist Chromascense is a light addition that can be programmed to seven different colors, ranging from calming blue to creative red, and others.  The Steamist Audioscense is a bluetooth speaker system that allows you to play music from your iPod through a speaker that is completely concealed behind the shower tile.  All of these systems are controlled through the same wall-mounted touch screen that you use to control the steam itself.

See the video below to learn more, and visit the Steamist website by clicking here.