Smart Glass

What is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is an emerging technology that uses liquid crystal molecules to create a special pane of glass that can turn from opaque (non-see-through) to translucent (see-through) with the flip of a switch.  Gone are the days of expensive blinds and window shades- now you can have a clear pane of glass that can block heat and light on demand!

Like I said before, smart glass works by placing a coating of liquid crystal molecules in between 2 panes of glass that, when electrically charged, align to allow light to pass through like a normal piece of glass.Smart Glass Diagramsmart-glass-viewing-window

Where/How Can Smart Glass Be Used?

The answer is: anywhere!  Use it on the exterior of your house for window walls that allow you to take full advantage of the great views outside your home, while at the same time having privacy whenever desired at just the touch of a button.  Use it as a shower enclosure, even on frame-less glass assemblies!  Use it in your office or conference room (as shown above).  You can even use it as your television screen! (Watch the video below!)