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Odor Free, Pet/Stain Resistant, Mold Resistant Paint- Harmony Series

Dirty Dog Harmony Paint


Have pets? The Harmony Series of from Sherwin Williams is an interior acrylic latex paint that is perfectly suited for areas that get dirty easily.  The paint is designed to be moisture resistant, meaning any mess that is on the wall can be washed with a wet rag without any worry about damaging the paint or the wall!

What makes this paint even more amazing is that not only does it make cleaning the wall safe and easy, it is also a “no VOC” paint.  What is that you ask?  VOC stands for “Volatile Organic Compound,” which is the content in the air (from sources such as pets, cooking, smoke, etc.) that can make a room have an unpleasant smell.  The Harmony Series of paint from Sherwin Williams has been designed to actually remove those odor-causing compounds from the air, thus increasing the quality of air in the room where the paint has been applied.  Available in flat, egg-shell, or semi-gloss.

If you have a high traffic, high use, and pet-occupied space in your house, the Harmony series paint from Sherwin Williams is the perfect paint solution.


Longer Lasting, Durable Exterior Paint- SuperPaint Series

The exterior of your house takes a beating from the weather on a daily basis; whether its the blazing intensity of the sun, the relentless pressure from rain/snow, or the harshness of the wind and everything the wind carries, the paint on your house can wear out quickly.  Worn out paint means time and effort on your part must be spent on scraping the old paint away and repainting every 2-3 years!  However, Sherwin Williams has designed a solution to having to go through that hassle: the SuperPaint Series.


The Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Series exterior acrylic latex paint is an ultra durable and long lasting paint that withstands the elements whether it is hot, humid, cold, or wet, thanks to the development of its advanced resin technology.  It is designed to not peel and keep its color, and comes with a limited guarantee of 25 years!  Available in flat, satin, gloss, and high gloss.